New Bedding

With big sissy getting a new mattress, she in pure sibling form handed down her old bed to Catherine.  Convinced that this was the ticket to getting her to sleep solo we transitioned her bed, yet again to a full size and added some fun new bedding.  Combing linen store websites for days, I finally came across this set at Macy’s. Much to their loss they don’t sell kid bedding in the store, and were out of it online, thus another merchant getting our money!  We knew it the right set when Catherine asked to sit on my lap as I was “window” shopping and she confidently said “Elmo”. Yup, that’s it we said.  I promptly made the purchase that same day.  When the package arrived she was very excited to see Elmo and now know that “elmo” means her bed.  However, she still loves for me to sleep with her…and honestly I don’t mind it one bit either.  But we do have proof that she can sleep alone, as demonstrated over the weekend with her great aunt and uncle – she took a three hour nap AND slept through the night alone!  We need a baby whisperer, stat!

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