Catherine is very vocal.  She has been chattering for many months, but its been in the last couple of months that she is surprising me with what she says…and repeats, oy!  Her very first phrase was “ba ba” which is in reference to a bottle but for many weeks she would say “uh oh”.   Drop food on the floor for Evie, “uh oh”, she would even “uh oh” before doing something – I guess she was giving you a precursor of what to expect! She loves to say “Hi Teve” which is short for Steve a nickname for Evie.

But last Friday night, we had grabbed a $5 pizza on the way home and much to my surprise, Catherine said “Pete-za” a new word for her.  Thinking it was just a fluke, but she repeated a few other times and even the next day while eating left overs.

However, my new favorite sound is her saying “Mom-me”.  She was great at saying “mama”, and “dada” and even lately saying “da-de”.   She will walk around the house looking for me saying “Mom-me”, its really quite cute.  And since we co-sleep at night, she usually wakes me up saying “Mom-me”.  It’s still cute, even though I often pretend to still be sleeping.


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