One Year

Paula Deen once said, “Everything is better with Butter.” She couldn’t have be more right!

One year ago we were blessed with an absolute life changing experience. Catherine Diane Riggle, aka Butter, made her way into the world the afternoon of September 15 after months of anticipation and a few hours of labor! At just 7lbs and 21 inches long, we were sent home to start the new us. Catherine, affectionately known as Butter has grown and changed so much in this last year. It’s crazy when we went back to look at pictures in anticipation of this milestone event.

Mom and Butter spent the first several months getting into a groove. Taking trips to Wal-mart, Kohls (a lot, just ask Daddy) and walks around the neighborhood. And we took lots of pictures, which should be no surprise to anyone who knows us! If anything, Butter is probably THE most photographed child in the world! Once Mommy headed back to work, Daddy took over which was a great experience for us all! I’m so glad they got that time together, just the two of them during the early months! And it wasn’t just because I was sleep deprived!

About 4 months of age, we dropped her off at Daycare for the first time with Ms Brenda. We <3 Ms Brenda and all the friends she has made at her in home daycare. Last week, she got to celebrate her birthday with buddy Max, who refers to Catherine as “my baby sister,” and tells her “I love you Catherine” each day heading home. We love you too, Catherine!

We made a special point to celebrate all the traditional holidays during her first year, regardless of her remembering it! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years (well until about 8:30 p.m.) Birthdays, Anniversaries, and much more!

Please enjoy this brief video of Catherine, “Butter” – special thanks to Daddy for putting it together!

Here are some milestone stories:

First Camping Trip

First Family Run

First Mother’s Day with you

First set of wheels

First Trip to Florida and

First Leadership Conference!

We love you so much! Your princess sleepy face, on a day you sleep past 5am, or taking an extra long nap on a Saturday. We love your “ah” when trying to get big sissy, Al’s attention. Or when I could swear you’re speaking French. We love your appetite for new foods, and to explore and independence. We love your energy and how you shake your hips and shoulders to a good song on the radio or television! Oh, and how handing you big brother, Bran’s phone will instantly stop you from being upset! And how you can brighten up any room with your BIG blue eyes!

Happy 1st Birthday, Catherine! We love you!

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