Ten Months

Ten Months

follow the light

We celebrated her 10 month birthday apart with the exception of a few car rides to and from locations.  But she is all of 10 months old and seriously the love of our life.  She crawls, pulls up, stands up and her babble is turning more into word formation.  And she’s not afraid to give you the stink eye too.  She now sleeps through the night, and has since our first night of “cry it out” – heart wrenching! But I’m glad that she is resting, and we are too!

Love her to death and so happy with were she spends her day while we are at work.  She seems to have really made friends with the other kids, especially one little guy who takes care of her.

She has her two bottom teeth and is a drool monster, which I assume means more are going showing up!

Love you bunches!


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