Learning, Growing, Changing

Learning, Growing, Changing

With Butter being on the move 99% of the day we’re having to get creative with her play area.  It’s just impossible to keep this whole house clean, all the time.  We created a kid friendly area within the common area in our house, but have recently had to blockade her in there as she likes to venture into Sissy’s room, the kitchen or by the front door to fling the door stop without supervision.

It’s crazy just how fast she is learning, growing and changing.  In a little over a week she will be 10 months old.  On the carpool in to work earlier this week we were discussing having to plan her first birthday since it’s just 2 months away.  Where has the time gone?  Tonight on my drive home, hubby tells me that Butter is able to move – fast in her car and even turn the darn thing around.  I was just amazed to see it with my own eyes tonight after work.

One of her recent developments is now, she will crawl over to you, put her arms up, and bounce until you pick her up all while making a long a sound.  Certainly can’t deny that girl some cuddles.  And I was thankful after my early 10 k race this week she just wanted to chill on the couch that afternoon.  It’s rare that this Daddy’s girl will just sit with me on the couch, but she did and my tired legs were thankful for it.  And even though she is able to find the most minute pieces of anything on the floor or in the tracks of the sliding glass doors I do enjoy her being mobile and having independence.  All this movement within a three week period.

Love this kid a million times over!



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