Florida Girl

Florida Girl

It’s only fitting that our little girl would be a Florida girl too!  We recently took a trip to Florida and this was Butter’s first long car ride.  She was a trooper, waking up early, only to spend 8 hours in her car seat.  She did amazing on the drive down, with only a few hours of having to entertain her.  She was pretty content sleeping, staring out the window or playing with her toys.  And she LOVED the rest stops, all the cars passing by, birds chirping – so much to take in!

Butter was also able to meet a lot of friends and family.  My parents hosted a kickin’ party at their house the evening we arrived.  Fitting that it was on St. Patrick’s Day, being that it’s my favorite holiday.  Having got up early, spent the day in the car and pushing her bedtime, Butter did amazing with all the people, and being passed around!  We were so happy that she was able to finally meet so many people who are near and dear to me.  Every time I turned around, there was someone new at the door and I think we tapped out at about 27 people.  There was so much going on that I really didn’t get too many (good) pictures.

That next day Hubs and I were going to jump back in the car for a night away to celebrate two friends getting married, on the other coast.  We tagged in Grandma and Grandpa to spoil her rotten for 24 + hours!  Mom took her on many stroller walks and sat outside getting some fresh air.  Which might have been the reason she took a good 3 hours nap.  She never does that for us on the weekends and only at day care! She was plain worn out.

Although she has been better at sleeping lately, it was nice to have a night away.  And that wedding was a kickin’ party too.  The ceremony was right on the beach and the party went all night long!  They extended the reception time because everyone was having such a fun night.  We got text messages and pictures through out the night and Miss Butter was doing great!

We headed back the day afternoon but really appreciate my parents watching Butter!  We stayed one more night at their house and drove back home early that next day.  Butter did okay in the car, but I could tell he was getting restless.  There was more entertaining on the drive, but I have to say she did amazing.  I promised her today when we got in the car seat for day care that she wasn’t going to be in there but 10 minutes.

So, alas, it looks like she is a Florida girl too!

tuckered out from walks with Grandma




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