6 Months

6 Months

It seems that time is not in my favor lately which means I remember to post something about once a month, if that. At any rate our little girl is one month older and another month has flown by!

She is known quite well over the internet as Butter, and we often get asked if that is her real name. No, no we didn’t really put that on her birth certificate.

We had a brief blip of her waking up again at night, and sometimes twice. But for the past few nights she’s been sleeping better.

She’s got quite the voice and isn’t afraid to share it. She LOVEs to scream, loudly. Often. She LOVEs to move and kick her legs, even though she doesn’t go anywhere. She is able to do more crunches that her dad and I together, which probably means she’s getting closer to sitting up on her own. And the last couple of nights she has managed to end up on her tummy in the morning, which she doesn’t like.

She’s eating solids consistently throughout the day a few times. I’m not sure of her “stats” since our appointment isn’t until next week.

And she is about to embark on her first real road trip. We’re headed down to Florida for a few days so she will get to meet many of my friends and family! She’s excited.



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