Dreaded Shots

Dreaded Shots

It was her 2-month appointment today and along came the dreaded shots.  She has done pretty good with getting shots up until this point, which consists of just a few – how many could you really have in a 2-month span?  But today she got 4 shots, two in each leg and one oral vaccine.  The wonderful nursing staff came in and administered one in either leg, at the same time.  I was fine standing off to the side until one of the nurse asks, “can you hold her arms”.  I guess until that point, I felt some disconnect that I wasn’t really inflicting this pain on to her but having to hold her arms down really was challenging.  Being the tough mom, I held her arms and they gave her the first round.  By the time they were able to give her the last shots I heard a scream-cry that would have broken your heart.

Granted, she cries but this cry was absolutely heart-wrenching.  I felt so bad for our little girl.  I swiftly picked her up and cuddled her.  I told her how proud we were of her for being such a BIG girl.  I told her that we loved her and that she would feel better soon.  And thanks to some of my fellow September ’11 moms, I had a bottle prepped and ready to go too.  That helped soothe the pain.   After about 15-20 minutes she was calmed down and we were headed home.

She had two shiny, silver band-aids that told the whole story.

One thought on “Dreaded Shots

  1. Awwww, my heart aches for little butter bean. It had to be so hard on you, Mom, too! You both were brave champions.

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