to sleep or not to sleep

to sleep or not to sleep

I want to say that CDR is getting better during the night with sleeping longer.  She does have a night here and there when she’s up every 3 hours, but in the last several days she’s been getting closer to 5+ hours.  I’ll take it.  What really keeps me up now is her noises, grunts, throat clearing and other baby-like noises!

Hubs has been great about taking her for a night on the weekends so I can get somewhere closer to 8 hours sleep.  During the week with my still being home, it’s easier for us to sleep separate so he can be functional at work :)   With my going back to work in a little less than a month I’m hoping her night time stretch become more consistent if only 5-7 hrs at a time!  And I am still curious how I am ever going to be on time to work in the coming future an even leave the house at a respectable time.  Lately, we’ve been rolling out of bed around 8a.m.

We might need to do a trial run the week before I head back to work just to see how long it will really take us to get ready and out of the house!


2 thoughts on “to sleep or not to sleep

  1. We are still trying to figure out getting to work on time…today was day two back and I was later than I was yesterday!! Practice will make perfect though :)

    • That’s helpful to hear. Did you do a practice run at all? I’m thinking it might be helpful being that I’m a routine type gal!

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