Anatomy Scan

Anatomy Scan






We went today for our 21 week appointment which included a full anatomy scan.  The Sonographer looked at everything from the brain to the toes!  CDR received a glowing report and is right on track with development.  She is also weighing in at just over a pound!  She had a nice strong heartbeat for being sleepy which the Sonographer said was good because when she’s active it’s probably around 180.

In my previous posts I mentioned the kicks, which have been consistent.  I feel them more in the afternoon and evening, so I wasn’t surprised that she was a little sleepy for her early a.m. appointment.  She must take after me and not her jump out of bed daddy!

It was really neat to see everything and see how much she’s grown since our last ultrasound which was right around 16 weeks.  We’re well into the second trimester and about a month to the third.  That’s crazy to think she’ll be here in a little over 18 weeks, we probably should start assembling a nursery!

Enjoy the pictures and hopefully the next post might be some pre-nursery pictures!

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