Flutters to Kick

Flutters to Kick

Seeing that I’ve never been pregnant before the concept of identifying a baby flutter was foreign to me, however in the last few weeks I was feeling something that was more than gas – which I’m VERY familiar with!  I would feel them more than laying on my side on the couch or in bed, but more often while at work and sitting up.

Yesterday we were at a college graduation party for my baby cousin and felt a HUGE kick.  We were all hanging out on the couch after indulging in some cake .  I was slouched slightly on the couch and felt lots of kicks.  I grabbed Hubs hand who was sitting next to me and WHAM! She kicked him! It was huge, hopefully she liked the cake!  It was tasty on my end!

Our next appointment is this Thursday for the anatomy scan where they check for all the organs, limbs, etc. and they will do a gender check too (again).  More updates later this week.

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